Together we create the regenerative economy...

Re-inventing Business and Nature 

Engineering, Consultancy and Certification to blend the natural and build environment.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to STOP extinction
Grow to ZERO Emissions
ELEVATE people and
create the future we all want

Engineering, Consulting and Remote Sensing

Engineering, Consulting and Remote Sensing

We offer engineering and consultancy services to some of the most complex companies and regions on the planet. No matter the size nor type - we can help. We use systems thinking to tackle your challenges to make an ambitious regenerative strategy for your company or community possible. We are working with the worlds leading remote sensing bodies to monitor and analyse and deliver insights for the change we seek.

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Business Development

Business Development to Re/Engage

Catalysing regenerative change across business models, sectors and systems by empowering energetic entrepreneurs, building bridges across sectors and people and linking our certification systems to new business opportunities for our clients. We identify, support and invest in entrepreneurs through Business Development Services.

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Groundbreaking Certification to support where you are going

Certifying your processes is key to proving and improving your regenerative business strategy and safeguarding the future of the planet and our economy. Our hands-on approach helps you obtain the certificates you want. We are developing a series of ground breaking certification systems with the worlds leading Certification Body, KIWA.

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This is where our skills, market knowledge and passion come together. Here you will find a selection of our projects, clients and activities. Whether large or small scale, we always strive to make an impact.

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Our Markets & Sectors

Our collective goal is to deeply embed and closely align a regenerative mindset in your business. We operate in various markets & sectors and with clients worldwide.

Regenerative Businesses, Regions & Communities

Together with our partners we are an accelerator for really smart businesses, cities and regions. We help you to unlock your potential by assisting you to reach a whole new perspective that focuses on creating the future we all want.

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Clean Energy

Re/Energise your commitment and focus on 100% Clean Energy for your company or region. If your CSR strategy is focused on cost control, reducing CO2 emissions and saving energy, our Grow to ZERO programme will help you achieve remarkable results.

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Natural world Engagement & Management

We are promoting conservation and biodiversity, and creating spaces where nature and people can thrive. For instance through International National Park Management.

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Systemic Risk Reduction & Collaborative Growth

We turn systemic ricks into business opportunities. With our decision support framework we help companies roll out a new strategy – but only if they commit to a new vision.

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Carbon Negative Supply chains and regenerative Communities

The impact of environmental issues on communities is often underestimated. Corporates are calling for climate negative supply chains and regenerative societies. We are developing the most forward looking certification systems to combine the two

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News & Insights

Growth is not our goal. Creating a resilient regenerative economy, by growing emissions to ZERO and Stop Extinction above the natural threshold, is. We go where we are most needed and where we can make the most economic and ecological Impact..

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High-tech microalgae production for biological and vegan certified Omega 3

Leafteasers starts Nature Conservation Programme in Kasungu National Park